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BOGO WEEK @ doTERRA 2020 !!

BOGO WEEK @ doTERRA 2020!!

You may or may not know by now from following my facebook page – 

I am a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA! Most my products include doTERRA oils, and I use them daily. They’ve made a HUGE difference in my families life.

Sooooooo………. First off!

This week is BOGO week.

In other words, buy one get one.

Bogo Box 2020 doTERRA

This is SUPER exciting! Because that means each day of this week there will be a different BOGO, if you buy one you will get another one free!

Specific to each day so keep your eyes open!!!

Another option for you this BOGO week is the BOGO BOX as you see pictured above.
Where you get the ENTIRE BOGO WEEK @ doTERRA 2020 !! deal in one sitting!

Why wait when you can get 10 oils for the price of 5?

Another BONUS of getting the box is you can use the BOGO box as your enrollment to a wholesale member! It will make your membership fee FREE and you’ll get 10 oils for the price of 5!! No brainer.
You can do just that here —>


Ylang Ylang doTERRA oil
Ylang Ylang doTERRA oil

Buy now –>

Adaptiv doTERRA oil
Adaptiv doTERRA oil

Buy now –>

Buy either one of these and get the other free!
Monday November 16th ONLY.


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