Welcome to JTs Artsy Breeze

Let's show the world it is possible to live your dreams!

Things you will find here & on our social media platforms may include:

  • Vegetables & Plants
  • Clothing
  • Essential oil blends
  • Art pieces
  • Everyday natural products for your household
  • Hair & skin care products
  • Art & Music lessons
  • How to make your own natural products at home!
  • Informational posts

Hand painted pots

Our vegetables and plants are 100% pesticide and chemical FREE
Hand planted, hand watered, hand picked and showered in love!

Lemon and patchouli soap Our skin care and hair care products are 100% natural and we ensure the products that are grown and used to create them are also free from any toxic or harsh chemical sprays.


We are more then happy to supply an ingredient list for any product and answer any questions.


At JTs Artsy Breeze we aspire to bring beings of the world together as one!
We all need to help one another, and we’ve got to start somewhere.
If you are:
On the path
-JUST STARTING to think about
why we should be using more natural products in our daily lives
Wanting to get creative
-Let loose
-Starting to taking care of your self
-Love yourself and the skin you’re in!

Sailors delight
Sailors Delight
Acrylic on canvas
Alicia JT


We are here to bring you along our journey, as we our selves learn everyday more and more about the benefits of living a less genetically modified life.
We are going back to when things were…YES a lot more workBUT a lot healthier, AND EXTREMELY WORTH IT.
The best part for YOU is that you don’t NEED to put the work in because we do it for you. 🙂
BUT you CAN put the work in, and we’ll show you how!


On that note!

We have loads of opportunities for you.
Whether it’s:
-Learning a new craft?
-Finding the perfect gift for a friend or family member?
-Beginning OR continuing to rid yourself and your family of all the nasty man-made chemicals in our daily lives?
-Artists helping artists!
-Just reading some of our informational posts


On top of all that great stuff we ALSO offer:

  • Custom artwork
  • Custom classes
  • Custom wellness products
  • Custom skincare products

Please check out our Artists page for further details, and our contact page with any inquiries! 🙂

tie dye family