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Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE

This girl is Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE
This girl is Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE

Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE

For YEARS I’d done research and VERY slowly been WANTING not doing but wanting to keep the chemicals from my daily life and do things as naturally as possible.

Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE…I found out I was pregnant… knowing I was having a baby…making a family, that’s what gave me the push to do it.

To anyone who WANTS to start but hasn’t yet… it’s not as hard as it seems! Once I started doing it, I’ve realized it’s not what everyone tells you it is. It’s NOT more costly AT ALL, it’s NOT INCONVENIENT, it just takes some time to research and learn where to get what you’re looking for… just like everything else does!

You’re smart for doing it, your family will be taken care of better because you’ll know EXACTLY what they are “consuming”.

Why am I saying GO NATURAL?

When I say consuming I don’t mean just eating.
Our skin is our LARGEST organ and we take it for granted so often! Your skin has SO MUCH to do with your health, and most of us unknowingly abuse it by putting products on it that have mystery ingredients and chemicals that are unhealthy… want to know why?

Yet ANOTHER reason Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE

Firstly because they DO NOT tell us what’s in our products!!!
they don’t have too!!! ….WHAT!?! Doesn’t that sound crazy? If it sounds crazy, that’s because you’re right, it’s nuts!!

Things such as essential oils do NOT need to be FDA approved. This means someone like you or I can grow lavender in our own backyard, make oil out of it, put that oil in a bottle mixed with whatever and call it 100% PURE Lavender oil! Then guess what? We’ll never even get second guessed! So long as you follow the labeling requirements.
Most labels you’ll read also say there’s an ingredient called “fragrance” or “parfum” … do you know what that means?
What’s a “fragrance” or “parfum” ingredient?
Have you EVER heard of a naturally occurring substance called a “fragrance” or “parfum”?
I can tell you I sure haven’t.

Go take a look now at your pure or all natural products you buy regularly, your make up, your soap, your shampoo & conditioner… etc. I DARE you! If this is your first time reading an article like this you WILL BE SHOCKED when you look at the ingredient list on your daily products used in your home. Use on YOUR BABY, YOUR CHILDREN, YOUR FAMILY!

Then when you realize there’s probably some truth to what I’m saying, after doing some more research for youself. Why don’t you try calling the company you get your favorite products from that have the ingredient fragrance on their label, ask them what is in that ingredient…What makes up that ingredient? I’m very confident I can GUARANTEE you will NOT get an answer. They’ll sound confident that it’s completely safe for you and your family, and you’ll get a bunch of run around excuses but you WILL NOT GET AN ANSWER. Why is it a secret? What’s in it? Has it been tested? Is it safe? Probably not.

So AGAIN Why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE

If the word “fragrance” basically means “secret ingredients” then what are they hiding from us, and why? Wildly enough do you know what I’ve seen on “Pure Lavender” essential oil bottles in the past? “If accidently ingested call your nearest poison control center immediately”… This is something downright scary to read on a bottle that says it’s 100% pure Lavender oil. Why? Simply because we can EAT Lavender! What is in that bottle that makes it so we need to call the nearest poison control center if we swallow it, and how on earth is it pure if that’s the case?

So there you go, I hope you enjoyed reading about why I chose to make my home life 100% NATURAL and CHEMICAL FREE.

On that note I’m more then happy to provide recipes and where to get the ingredients for everyday completely natural products such as skincare, cleaning products, baby wipes, diaper cream (cloth diaper friendly!), teething oil….etc so much more!
I can also guarantee you that ALL of our products are 100% natural, and we have FULL TRANSPARENCY. You have a question please contact us and ask we’re happy to tell you where each ingredient has come from. You can contact us at or as well, feel free to e-mail

On a fun side note here’s some information I learned from doing extensive research on Copaiba before putting it into my products.


Here are 4 of the major terpenes that are in Copaiba:
1. Beta-Caryophyllene: Also found in rosemary, black pepper, hops & cannabis. Anti-inflammatory & pain relieving effects.
2. Beta-Bergamotene: Also found in bergamot citrus fruit, carrot, lime, lemon & kumquat. Anti-inflammatory effects.
3. Alpha-Copaene: Also found in black pepper & basil. Increases antioxidant capacity in white blood cells, anti-microbial properties.
4. Beta-Bisabolene: Also found in oregano & lemons. Anti-inflammatory traits & anti-cancer properties.

Copaiba is great for arthritis, pain relief and has calming properties.

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