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Below you will find a list of the Artists/ Instructors we have here at JTs Artsy Breeze and what they have to offer. 🙂


Alicia Janssen-Thayer

Owner/Creator of JTs Artsy Breeze 

Alicia JT is a fun loving, energetic and optimistic artist/musician. She aspires to bring a smile to each face she meets, and show people that they can live their dreams along with saving the planet and making way for a healthier lifestyle among each of us here on the planet.

  • Artist & teacher
    -Mixed media
    -Graphite & Charcoal
  • Musician & teacher
  • Graduate from Fleming College Haliburton School of Art & Design
    -Visual & Creative Arts Specializing in Moving Image Design
    Alicia has done extensive research to ensure top quality, 100% pure all natural ingredients in EACH skin care, wellness & home life item offered through JTs Artsy Breeze, with an easily accessible list of ingredients and where they come from for each individual product.

Transparency is key – We will give you that.


Nathan MacDuff


Nathan is an easy going, laid back individual with a fiery passion for drums! He would play drums for a living if given the chance. He’s a fun loving and creative person once you get through the quiet side and meet his inner flame… the DRUMMER!! You’d never expect the blast from such a relaxed individual, drumming is good for the soul.

Being a drummer is what keeps me young.

  • 25+ years experience heavy metal/folk/blues drummer
  • Lead drummer in the Haliburton flute & drum band
  • Drummer in 1129 legion pipe and drum band
  • Drummer for Haliburton concert band
  • Drummer in multiple garage rock/metal bands